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Will You Have Income for Life?

Or will you outlive your savings?

The Income for Life Model® - Webinar

“YOU’VE WORKED HARD to accumulate your wealth for retirement. Let our firm help you OPTIMIZE THE INCOME distribution phase 

of your life.”

For the first time in history, retirees are more concerned about living too long than they are about dying too soon. A married couple at age 65 has a nearly 40% probability of at least one of them living to age 95 or beyond.* We are all living longer. We could live well beyond the monetary benefits of our retirement plans. It is a serious problem but there is a solution.

1. Timing Risk

Would you want to leave your retirement security to chance?

The reality is, that simply being unlucky in the timing of your retirement - just picking a year to retire that's a bad one for stocks - can be the difference between your income continuing for years and years, or running out early. Don't leave your retirement security to good luck or bad.

2. Inflation Risk

The effect of rising prices can threaten a retiree's standard of living. For example, in 1980, the average price of a new car was $7,210. By 1989, it had increased to $15,400. And in 2017, the average new car cost $33,560. At a 3% rate of inflation, a retiree loses 25% of his or her purchasing power every ten years.*

Your strategy for creating retirement income must seek to keep your income on pace with inflation.

3. Longevity Risk

No retiree stops needing money. So a good question to contemplate is, "How long could my retirement last?" Think about the oldest person you know. Is he or she over 80? or 90? The fact is, a married couple age 65 has a 25% chance that the surviving spouse will live to age 98!*

Your strategy for creating retirement income should provide a "floor" of monthly income you can't outlive.

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The Income for Life Model® - Webinar

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