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Southwest Airlines Pilots

Your Southwest Airlines 401(k) is the foundation of your retirement planning. The sooner you begin to create your financial and retirement plan, the greater your opportunity to retire successfully.

Roth Conversions and Your Post-Retirement Planning

If you are retired there are several key planning tools and sources of income that can impact your financial future.

  • Roth conversions and when it makes sense to utilize them

  • Minimize taxes in retirement

  • Medicare costs and secondary coverage considerations

Getting Started

Our team works with Southwest Airlines pilots to create customized financial and retirement plans so you can make a smooth transition from airline pilot to retirement or another career. We’ll begin with our financial planning process, which allows us to understand what makes you happy and what it will cost. With a better understanding of your goals, we are able to determine the income and assets necessary to achieve them. To get started, fill out our Optimized Portfolio questionnaire which will help us assess your portfolio construction.

Southwest Airlines Pilots 401(k) Professional Portfolio Management

A critical part of your retirement success is your ability to contribute to a tax‐advantaged retirement plan to maximize your retirement dollars. You have several options regarding how to manage your retirement assets. Each has pros and cons and should be reviewed in comparison to your personal goals. 

Schwab Personal Choice Retirement Account® (PCRA)

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