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Investment Advisory

Inspired by Change l Driven by Growth

Why Invest With Whalen Financial?

We collaborate with our clients to factor in time horizon, cash flow and liquidity needs as well as tax planning and other considerations. These factors inform an individualized investment plan consistent with client objectives. Throughout the process, risk management and capital preservation is balanced against the desire to grow assets and generate returns.

In the complex world of the financial markets, having an experienced guide can potentially lead to better long-term outcomes. We’ve spent our entire career embracing ideas that shape and refine our commitment to investment excellence. Innovation and early adoption of concepts, ideas, and solutions are the threads that run throughout our entire history.

The Better We Know You, 

The More We Can Do

We Believe in Actual Investing

The fundamental purpose of investing is to use available capital to fund the ideas and projects of entrepreneurs and company managers who see an opportunity to generate profits. We believe companies undergoing Positive Dynamic Change offer the best investment opportunities for our clients. Our competitive edge is identifying the managers and capitalizing on the change before it is recognized.


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